Our vision and goal is to provide you the dream home you’ve always wanted. The team is comprised of over 20 years of exprience and excellence to deliver a best in class design and outcome. We treat every customer and home as If it’s our own, with respect, cleaniness and most importantly following all satefy guidelines in our industry. There is no job too big or too small for our team and we will deliver every project to your satisfaction and your final say. Our work is only as good as the customer who blesses the job.

  • Procurement

  • Pre-Construction

  • Construction




In the first phase of communication, Marks-Woods Construction will review and discuss project parameters and budgeting with the client. A jobsite meeting will follow for the purpose of discussing existing conditions and design intent. During the jobsite meeting, Marks-Woods Construction will take photos and collect other necessary information to be used for proposal drafting.


A proposal will be drawn and submitted to the prospective client based on the information, communication, and plans discussed during the job site meeting. This proposal is simply a starting point to further refine scope and negotiate moving forward. The client will be asked to provide feedback, and from there Marks-Woods will provide cost scenarios and adjustments with the goal of fulfilling the needs and expectations of the client.


After the proposal phase is complete and the client is satisfied with the final scope and cost, a contract is prepared. The client is encouraged to take time to carefully read, ask questions, and understand the contract before moving forward to ensure total satisfaction. When the contract has been signed by the client, the interior design team and the architect are engaged to begin material selections, complete architectural design plans, and begin the permitting process concurrently.



Material selections begin with introductions to our interior design team. In spreadsheet format, the interior design team and client work together to establish style and design elements and begin making appropriate selections. Over the course of several meetings, all materials and costs are finalized. Finally, once all materials are selected, a material reconciliation change order is drawn to reconcile the actual material cost vs. the contract material allowances.


During the same period of time that the material selection process takes place, all necessary permit plans are prepared and submitted. The client is invited to take on a collaborative role in the process of reviewing plans, making adjustment requests, and discussing alternate scope and option pricing before the finalization of construction documents. Marks-Woods Construction is responsible for acquiring all permits for the project using permit expediting services.



When the finalization of material selections and permitting is established, a start date will be agreed upon by the client and Marks-Woods Construction. A preconstruction meeting is held with the client to establish procedures and policies that will take effect when the project begins.


Construction will begin on the agreed upon date. The assigned project manager will be the client’s point of contact for all communication from this point forward. The project manager’s sole task is to manage projects, to see that all steps of the project are performed with excellence, and to oversee the subcontractors along with the in-house craftsmen who will take part in working on the project. Marks-Woods is dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication with the client throughout the entire process in respect to scope and next steps, as well as any issues that may arise during the course of the project.


When the project is completed to the total satisfaction of the client and all items on the punch list have been resolved, the client will be presented with close-out documentation. The document will include applicable warranties as well as an evaluation letter. Marks-Woods Construction asks that all clients rate their experiences so that we may continue to adjust our processes to give clients the best possible experiences.